• Raw food
  • Gluten-free
  • Protein smoothies
  • Nutritious breakfast
  • Balanced meals
  • Detox juice
Nutritional vegetarian food
including dairy, gluten, egg & sugar free recipes

Vegetarian Cooking Classes in Oslo

  • New to alkaline vegetarian cooking and wishes to learn new recipes?
  • Interested to learn more about healthfood & supplements?
  • Wish to reduce your weight or learn more about detoxing?
  • Need to change or readjust your diet because of different health reasons?

Then we invite to join our healthy cooking classes!

Our classes will introduce you to the importance of eating sentient food or “alkaline positive energy food”. The concept of “sentient food” has been introduced to the East through the science of Yoga as the best type of food for those who wish to remain physically healthy, energetic and young. Is it also the type of food recommended for positive thinking, mental expansion and internal harmony.

A Sentient Food Cooking Class will teach about detox, fasting, nutrition, ecological awareness and healthfood products. It will also introduce you to basic simple yoga hygiene and relaxation techniques to maintain a more natural and healthier lifestyle.

The main focus of this class is to provide you with practical knowledge about healthy alkaline tasty food for every day combined with a natural and positive life style.

Please see our schedule and contact us if you are interested in joining any of our classes.

Our cooking classes will teach you:

  • Nutritional and tasty multicultural recipes (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for the whole year (spring, summer, autumn and winter) (see courses)
  • how to prepare food quickly
  • the importance of eating organic food
  • the benefits of eating alkaline food
  • about fasting and detox
  • proper food combinations for better digestion
  • eating habits for better digestion (eating slowly and in harmony)
  • general health tips to remain fit, energetic, healthy and young
  • about super food, raw food and vegan food
  • about herbs and spices and how to use them
  • about healthy fats and omega oils
  • about plant protein vs. animal protein
  • health benefits from different vegetables and fruits
  • important supplements, vitamins and minerals which can boost your diet

After you have completed this cooking class, you will not only have learned more about how to make nutritious and tasty food, you will have acquired additional knowledge about how to take better care of your and your family’s health. You will also have become more aware about the benefits of eating and living in a more natural and positive way.